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Daily offer 17. – 21.2.2020

We offer you two kind of soup, curry, Dal, basmati rice, „meatballs“, special main dish, wraps, fresh vegetable, dressings and desserts during the whole week.


Monday 17.2.2020:



Mushroom cream soup

Main dish:

Dal – red lentil

Curry – tempeh (6)

Grilled vegetable – green beans wit red onion

Sweet dumplings with blueberries


Tuesday 18.2.2020:


Leguminous soup

Brussels sprout cream with turmeric

Main dish:

Dal – black lentil

Curry – vegetable with tomato

Grilled vegetable – betrooth with white sezam

Hungarian gulasch (6)

Zucchini pancakes with thyme (1)

Dumpling (1)


Weddnesday 19.2.2020:


Vegetable boršč

Kohlrabi cream

Main dish:

Dal – mix

Curry – eggplant with parsley

Steamed vegetable -  Broccoli with sunflower seeds

Culliflower quiche with potato (1)

Fried encian cheese (1,7)

Potato puree


Thursday 20.2.2020:


Tusk soup

Sweet potato with spring vegetable

Main dish:

Dal - green

Curry – soy with beans

Grilled vegetable – three types of carrot

Smoked tofu with horseradish sauce

Mushroomsballs (1)

Bread dumpling (1)


Friday 21.2.2020:


Cumin soup

Zucchini cream with pear

Main dish:

Dal – yellow lentil

Curry – three types of pepper with carrot

Grilled vegetable- egglpant with pokchoi

Pasta with nuts (1,8)

Vegetableballs (1)


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